The Shares market

What Are Shares ?

There are two types of equities – Private and Public. For our purposes, we are only going to be talking about, and trading in, public shares. “Public equities” is essentially another name for stocks traded openly on the stock market. A stock is basically a slice of ownership in a company. Publicly-traded companies list their shares for anyone to buy. Once you buy public equity, you own a tiny fraction of the company whose shares you’ve bought.

Why Trade Shares With SatoshiFx?

We have been ranked #20 out of 6 million financial service companies by Inc 500 Magazine, a ranking of not only gold companies or IRA providers, but the whole US financial services industry.

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SatoshiFx Makes It Easy To Trade A Wide Range Of CFDs.

We give you CFD trading options across industries and markets. Apart from that, our low margin level requirements give you greater liquidity – so your trades can have a higher impact. If you’ve begun your journey as a CFD trader, we’ve got a well stocked Educational Resource Library to explain key concepts and sharpen your skills. We also give you access to the world’s most advanced and powerful algorithm trading bots through our AI Trading accounts.

Market Overview

We Can Loosely Analyze A Stock In This Ways :

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Why Trade Shares And Shares CFDs?

Why Trade Shares?

The biggest reason to trade shares is long-term growth. Even though shares move up and down every day, stock markets tend to go upwards long term as companies increase in value. To give you an example, Microsoft went public in 1986 at 21 USD per share. A 1,000 USD investment back then would be worth over 1.5 million USD today. Long-term growth isn’t the only reason, however. You can also make short-term bets on stock value and make money when stocks go up. In many markets, you can also make money when stocks come down – this is from a practice known as “shorting” where you bet against the price of a share.

Why Trade Shares CFDs ?

Trading with SatoshiFX gives you greater flexibility in choosing your options of shares. We provide you with greater exposure to the market and give you further access to higher liquidity. Our platform facilitates the trading of equities across multiple industries. You need not worry even if you are a newbie at this. We have specifically designed courses for beginners to increase their trading skills. Furthermore, there is also an option to open a demo account to kickstart those skills into practice.

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You Can Trade SatoshiFx With A Zero Commission Fee On Every Trade.

Your Profits Or Loss Will Immediately Be Reflected In Your Account As Soon As You Close The Trade. With The Leverage That SatoshiFX Provides You, Each Bet You Make On Equities Gets Amplified By (Up To) 1000, Giving You More Power To Earn Profits. Be Warned Though: Leverage Also Amplifies Your Losses.

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