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What Are Commodities?

Commodities are basic goods that can be traded. They are usually natural resources and foods that come from the earth. Metals are commodities, as is oil, minerals, and gas. Other commodities include tobacco, coffee, and food grains. A key feature of commodities is fungibility or substitutability. This means that a barrel of a certain type of oil is the same no matter who produces or sells it.

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One of the most prominent commodities in the market. Gold has long been a safe haven in the face of economic uncertainty. Investors consider it an excellent way of diversifying their portfolio, they also see it as a safe investment to minimize risk. Gold is a precious metal, which restricts the volumes that beginner traders can purchase in.

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Crude oil is a powerful commodity with high trading volumes. Its status as a driver of economic and political systems gives it a unique market standing. Crude oil commodity trading offers profit potential due to the volatility in energy markets and oil price fluctuations.

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Like gold, silver is also a commodity used to diversify investment portfolios as well as minimize risks. At SatoshiFX, the price of silver is measured against the USD. CFDs enable traders to maximize their trading volumes of this precious metal without extensive investments.

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Copper is a useful alloy used across multiple industries. Its usefulness makes it a barometer for certain types of economic activity, such as construction and energy infrastructure. Like gold and silver, copper is also quoted on the SatoshiFX platform in USD.

Why Trade Commodities CFDs?

SatoshiFX allows you to trade commodities in the form of CFDs, or Contracts for Difference. CFDs allow you to trade without buying the underlying commodity, while still benefitting from movements in price. The CFD contracts for your commodity automatically expire at the date stated on the trade ticket. The next month’s contract is made available on SatoshiFX a week prior to your trade ticket’s expiration. You can close your position and open a new position on the new contract at this time. Contracts that you don’t close are automatically closed on the date set on the trade ticket. Your account will then be credited with the settlement (or debited in case of losses). CFDs amplify your trades, allowing you to benefit from market movement without investing large sums of capital.

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Why Trade Commodities With SatoshiFx?

SatoshiFX Assets is considered a world-wide leader and expert when dealing in precious metals, this makes it clear to see why our clients choose SatoshiFX when trading commodities. SatoshiFX Assets were voted America’s #1 Gold IRA provider for 2012, 2013 and 2014 in the Consumers Choice Awards, and won the Bullion Dealer of the Year award in 2015. They were hailed the #1 International Bullion Dealer in the World in 2018, 2019, 2020, and also the world’s #1 Offshore Bullion Dealer for the last three years.

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