What Is AI Trading ?

Artificial Intelligence trading, now see first-hand how it can help you succeed by doing the heavy lifting (trading) for you – using machine learning and computational power. AI trading in its most basic form is the buying and selling of assets without human interaction. The AI software trades on your behalf based on the conditions it has been programmed to follow.

However, the best AI programs can learn. They analyze millions of potential scenarios in a split second – this is more than all the world’s human traders combined efforts. AI programs have access to the entire history of trading information and use large chunks of historical data to predict markets.

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Unlocking Institutional Grade AI

Till now, AI trading algorithms have cost a lot of money, they were only available to the largest financial institutions, and they were highly guarded at all times. Retail traders had little access to this pro level of AI trading – until now!

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AI Analytics Dashboard

Keep track of every trade your AI makes with our analytics dashboard. View your account balance, your ROI, year to date, and much more..

Perfect For Beginners & Advanced Traders

AI AutoTrade™ is suitable for both newbie traders and seasoned investors. Traders just starting out benefit from exceptional number-crunching and data-led decision-making, without having to do much. Authorize your AI to trade on your behalf, and it will make the best decisions it can based on the universe of data available to it.

Seasoned pros, on the other hand, benefit from better diversification, 24/7 trading, and the ability to analyze significantly larger historical datasets. Always-on trading can help tap into markets from around the world to ensure opportunities aren’t missed.

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