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What Is Algorithmic Trading ?

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Algorithmic trading uses computer codes and chart analysis to enter and exit trades according to set parameters such as price movements or volatility levels. Once the current market conditions match any predetermined criteria, trading algorithms can execute a buy or sell order on your behalf. This can save you time scanning the markets, and it means that your trades are executed almost instantly.

With IG, algorithmic trading is made possible through partnerships with cutting-edge platforms such as ProRealTime and MetaTrader 4 (MT4), as well as with our native APIs. We also offer advanced technical analysis and charting tools to make algorithmic trading easy for you, whether you want to build and fully customize your own algorithms or use off-the-shelf solutions.

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Why Use Algorithmic Trading ?

Remove human error

Trade without letting emotions get in the way of realizing profits or cutting losses.

Capitalize on rare or special events

Create algorithms to act on infrequent events such as the Dow closing 500 below its 20-day moving average.

Supplement your existing strategy

Use algorithms to fine-tune risk management in your trading strategy, implementing stops and limits on your behalf.

Low maintenance

Set your algorithms up and let them trade around your schedule. 24 hours - day or night.


Backtest and refine your algorithms against historical data to establish the best combination of buy or sell parameters.

Increased opportunity

Choose or create an algorithm according to your strategy. Maximize your exposure to opportunities in underlying markets.

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The Best Algorithmic Trading Platform

MetaTrader 4

MT4 is a tried-and-tested trading platform, with a large community of users who are actively creating and refining trading algorithms. These are easily available to you on the MT4 marketplace, where you can download pre-made algorithms. Due to this, MT4 is preferred for off-the-shelf solutions.

MT4 is known for its indicators and add-ons; 18 of which you get for free when you download MT4 from IG. These can help you with chart analysis, as well as enables you to fully customize the MT4 platform to your own needs.

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Native APIs

An application programming interface (API) enables you to automate trades, build integrations and create trading algorithms and apps using our market-leading CFD technology. Our web API offers you an easy way to get market data and historical prices, as well as, to execute trades on any of your IG trading accounts.

Creating APIs is the most complex option available here, therefore, it is only recommended for those with a background in programming and coding. APIs offer the greatest amount of customization since you build them yourself from the ground up using any coding language that supports HTTP such as Java, Excel (VBA), or .NET.

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